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eWidgetFX is an open-source desktop widget platform written from the ground up in the JavaFX 8. It can run widgets written Java and takes advantage of the latest features of the Java Platform

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Currently this project is under construction, you can still get the current status of the project from the GitHub repository.

Open Source

Its free and open to use. Feel free to form and push patch if you like. Feel free to extend and share with friends


runs on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Extensible Container

You dont like the launcher which comes with eWidgetFX? Extend and write your own container!

Rich Desktop Applications

leverages the full power of Java and JavaFX providing a very rich library of graphics, animation, and media capabilities.

Widgets everywhere

Not satisfied with the default Widgets? Write your own widgets and attech to your favorite container/launcher!

More to come...

The project is still evolving!